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Month: April 2017

A Weekend Opposite The Pinnacle Of Shit’ness – A Shopping Mall

And they ask,

“Why do you drink Nik?”


This Looks Ugly !

It moved Stayed dangling above him With a little hope A tiny little rope And it broke


She who had found herself In that black abyss, She found herself lost...

Trapped !

Everyone took out their spears and yelled – ‘CAST’. Wounded I fell… and landed on a Pen!

A Little Music… What say?

Maybe not a popular opinion, but this is the Nirvana album I return to the most often. I recognize the importance and impact of the studio ones, but at the […]

Debunking The Paradigm

They say if a lie is spoken often enough, it is perceived as the truth. But what if that lie is not just a fabrication of stories weaved to entice […]

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