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Month: May 2017

Baked To Perfection!

A pictorial feast of perfectly baked cakes!



The choice is yours to make - Burn your expensive gadgets , boycott these blood-thirsty corporations or stop calling yourself HUMAN.

Alice In Blunder-Land

What happened when Alice paid a visit to our land. A poem depicting her experience with the strange creatures of Blunder - Land!

Let’s get naked and run through the Jungle!

The Rainbow Family is a loosely affiliated group of individuals committed to principles of non-violence and egalitarianism. They put on peaceable assemblies/free speech events known as Rainbow Gatherings.

Are you a chimp?

A ground-breaking theory about evolution by - Charles Marvin seventh great-grandson of Charles Darwin.

Video – The View

A breathtaking view of a time lapse shot by a pilot from the cockpit! Watch out for the meteors!

Lover Friend

What is LOVE ? A deluded 'lover - friend' seeks to answer that question!

Old Vices In A New Age Packaging

All evil in the world today happens in the name of love, unity, equality and peace. And it's not a new phenomena too. We're being served an old dish in a new platter.

Unintentional Yogi

A short poem about a lost soul, in search of himself who is mistaken to be an Enlightened soul.

You Killed Cobain

You had to hand him a shotgun and very cleverly made him pull the trigger… And termed it a suicide…

Alpha Male

Her Bio said, Feminist. But she just wanted to be treated as SHIT!

Starving For…

Can I please hug you angel? In the name of love! Nik was still shouting from somewhere, She’s gonna destroy you emotionally, but it’s cool.. Isn’t it all in the name of ART?

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