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American Express India Campus – A Sexual Playground – II

We submit to authority because all of us have this inward demand to be safe.
One is afraid to think apart from what has been said by the leaders because one might lose one’s job, be ostracized, excommunicated, or put into a concentration camp. We submit to authority because all of us have this inward demand to be safe, this urge to be secure. So long as we want to be secure in our possessions, in our power, in our thoughts we must have authority, we must be followers; and in that lies the seed of evil, for it invariably leads to the exploitation of man by man. He who would really find out what truth is, what God is, can have no authority, whether of the book, of the government, of the image, or of the priest; he must be totally free of all that. This is very difficult for most of us because it means being insecure, standing completely alone, searching, groping, never being satisfied, never seeking success. But if we seriously experiment with it, then I think we shall find that there is no longer any question of creating or following authority because something else begins to operate which is not a mere verbal statement but an actual fact. The man who is ceaselessly questioning, who has no authority, who does not follow any tradition, any book or teacher, becomes a light unto himself. – Jiddu Krishnamurti


Good Morning Planet

Peace is a long lost concept. I guess it died when Americans burned the Indians. I could be wrong too. Maybe it was before the dark ages. Tough to find an exact date of it’s demise.

I am a writer. I write in order to breathe properly. I do not write for a greedy corporation, a corrupt politician or some religious nut job. I do not have to meet numbers. I write, when I want to and what I feel like. That’s called freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of mind and collectively it makes my soul free. I do not send my articles to some poorly managed publication to be undressed and then fucked without lubrication. That’s not writing. That’s being a sellout. Fortunately due to some good deeds which I must have done unknowingly, in the past, I have been blessed with the guidance of Isha Singh. Isha is a social reformer and works for the relocation of abandoned children and senior citizens. She strongly believes that children are the future and they need to be saved. At the same time, old folks have worldly wisdom. No Alexa would ever have the kind of intelligence which life experiences bless grandparents with. She has dedicated her life to her family and a noble cause. No joy in this hollow, materialistic, greedy, corrupt world exceeds the joy of selfless love towards another human being.

I wish, I was as great as her. I wish. Anyways, first of all, I would like to thank all of you for the unexpected, overwhelming response on yesterday’s article –

American Express India Campus – A Sexual Playground

I always enjoy writing truth. If I am not sure about something, I make sure, I let the readers know. But if it’s true, it needs to be said, without diluting and making it mild, so that this already depressed society does see a mirror. Showing mirror is mostly offensive to people as everyone’s ugly deep inside. Everyone’s ugly, including me.


A decent writer needs to have a flair for variety. You cannot just pick a popular, traffic generating topic and keep on making it bleed for ages to capitalize gains out of it, in some manner or other. This world is full of shit and I like talking about, all sorts of it. Shit stinks but I play with it. Most of the times I am clad with feces, your feces, not mine. Why do I do it? Well, I got my own issues, like you. But today I am following up on my last article because these so called powerful, rich, self-righteous, corporate cunts of a men, tried again, to exert control using all the wrong tactics. So, this is no longer me expressing myself, using facts, now it’s a war.


Let me tell you about an extremely popular corporate term – Damage Control. Damage Control is a set of measures taken to offset or minimize damage to reputation, credibility, or public image caused by a controversial act, remark, or revelation. Corporate honchos mostly think they are above the basic laws of nature. That’s the level of their arrogance. These are the same set of people who smell of cheap deodorant, whose wrinkled faces are painted ugly with imported anti-ageing, non-diluted goat shit while they wait for their appointment with the Botox whore. Now these people who have absolutely no control over their bowel movements, delude themselves into believing that they can control events around them. They being able to grant few jobs and make few careers lead them to believe that, yes, they can play God. Well, This is me, addressing all of them, shouting loudly – No, You cannot. Now repeat after me – I am a piece of shit. I am full of shit. I am a piece of shit. I am full of shit. Do this everyday for at least 30 minutes, each day, and I promise, God would save you.


Led by their arrogant selves and their sheer desire to control, yesterday, these greedy men, tried to change the course of ink, flowing from my dried veins. I got no blood inside me anymore. It kept on boiling and boiling and boiling till there was none left and then finally Isha helped me replace it with a dark black ink. It’s my Ink. No one decides the flow of my Ink. You ain’t some supreme being that you can control words that resonate truth, truth but nothing else, sheer truth backed by facts and testimonies.

My yesterday’s article was an attempt to agitate women who have been abused both emotionally and physically by many Corporate Service Delivery leaders and Team Managers who worked or are still working in American Express India Campus. I had absolutely no agenda. I wasn’t being revengeful. Hell I got better things to do and talk about, than channelizing my writer alter-ego to unleash my wrath on some poor, mortal, shitty, human being, made of flesh and blood. But you know, people think they are so powerful, they can control everything and everybody. Well they brought this on themselves. They should have left me alone.


So, here we go. Yesterday 30 minutes after I published my article, I received a text from a leader currently working in American Express, requesting me to edit my article. As per him, my article is defaming people and I am not a responsible writer if I do not edit it and make it corporate friendly. I like feedback. Feedback makes people better and powerful. Never underestimate the power of feedback but always try and identify if the feedback is genuine or another attempt to manipulate you. I had a phone conversation with this well-wisher and I wasn’t too convinced. I assured him that I would think about it. It din’t take me long to figure out that the phone call was not made by him. Yes, he dialed my number and yes it was him talking ,but the words spoken were of some tyrant, sitting in a dark corner, sweating like a pig. People fear exposure like nothing they ever imagined. They do not like to face their true selves. They try very hard throughout their lives to create a false personality that would give their filthy selves, the required self-esteem to keep their head held high. And later on they believe it’s what they are. Exposing them makes them see their real selves which is ugly, very ugly and it stinks badly, very badly.

So, because they tried to manipulate me, I wage war. I am officially declaring war against corrupt American Express corporate psychopaths. I have enough testimonies and personal experiences to bring the entire Amex Indian Campus down in the drain. I am going to use all possible resources, I have access to to win this war. And oh yeah, I am gonna win. Take my word. The people always wake up. It takes time but they do.


Let me share two incidents today which would be followed by many, followed by names, followed by documents and followed by employee testimonies. I would continue my fight, till I breathe or till these people apologize publicly for their shameful behavior. And no more phone calls, my well-wishers, advising me in a threat inducing manner that I might get into trouble. You can still send me postcards. I would like it. But no more phone calls. And, Do you really think, I care about trouble? Trouble is my cousin brother. Me, chaos and trouble stay together in New Delhi, the filthiest city on the planet. So stop selling me ‘FEAR’. I do not care. I have nothing to lose. You cannot rob me of my writing skills. You can only sue me for my worth which currently is negative $20, as a cheque hit my empty account and your best friend, bank, charged me an overdraft fee. I would happily pay you.


So, This is a closed room meeting wherein my SDL was being assisted by the greedy one. My SDL was nice. She still is, nice. The greedy one is not. He never was. He brought a culture of shaping people careers and mentoring them in return of physical and materialistic pleasures. This so called greedy person advises everyone about a term called Smart Work. These ignorant bosses flaunt this word a lot. So he says,

Greedy Boss: You guys are stupid. I fail to understand what made you so. Anyways, let me share a brilliant piece of advice. I see some of you wasting your weekly offs, when your people are slogging asses, on their weekly offs. You do not need to work. You can stay home. But you need to pretend. Pretense is important and is a key to success. Keep on texting your employees that you are working from home and monitoring their work. That would keep them on line while you enjoy your lives. That’s how I am, what I am. I am smart. Be like me.

Other leaders cheer – Greedy is the best..greedy is the best.. greedy is the best.

The meeting is adjourned.

This clearly indicates lack of integrity and a sheer professional failure. Now let’s get personal. I did not want to stoop down to their level but as I said, they brought this on themselves.

I came upstairs after smoking a cigarette in my break. As soon as I enter the work floor I see a Team Leader, Miss Sharma clicking selfies. Not a rare sight. That’s what people do, click selfies. Yeah, yeah, at work places too. This shit is not just limited to shopping malls. It’s a rapid growing cancer. Anyways, I ignore this stupidity and proceed towards my cubicle. I see the greedy boss staring at his mobile device with lusty eyes and a predator’s smile. I am observant, I notice things, not my fault. And I guess, you know the rest of the story. Miss Sharma was sending pictures to Mr Greedy. Now ideally there is no shame in it. But ideally it’s un – fucking – ethical. You are making girls half your age admire and shower you with love by selling them a false idea of growth. No doubt you are fulfilling your promises but my question to you is –

“How do you sleep at nights?” 

Please message me O Greedy One, name of the pill, that helps you chill. I am an insomniac, since long, do me this favor, O creator of the smartest CON.


That’s it for today. And planet, it’s finally raining. Yayyyyyyyy. Have fun. Enjoy. And don’t even for a second think I have forgotten Junaid. We have remained quiet for long. It’s time to make some noise. Remember, we the people have and can topple governments, not in my name, but in the name of truth, honesty and Broken Radio. Die shouting, it would be a life well spent.

Isha V Singh : Beyond an era of unrest lies an age of everlasting peace.




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  1. You know this has been an experience in parts. As again, you are my friend and you would always be my friend, and I truly hope my comments don’t deter the flow of your ink because that’s really not what they intend.
    We all need a knight to show us a mirror. We need you to keep doing what you do because it is essential, and also because I like to read non bull shit non stupid content, the kind of stuff you write.
    Im glad to see that you responded to these “feedbacks” and I want to thank you for doing so. Having said that im gonna get off your back and get back into the silently observing mode. Being an ex employee, you will always owe some loyalties to the rare goodness that you did find in your workplace, so just, take care my friend be nice.

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