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American Express India: Soul Suckers

Good Morning Planet!

Damn, it feels good to talk to you people, had been a while… Well, I was busy earning bread, as we all are well aware…. We got bills to pay!! We all do!! Rent’s fuckin due!!!       So, nowadays, I am making projects for management students so that they get good grades and become awesome business graduates and join a global task force of remarkable individuals, in a journey, to make the world, a better place, using various corporate employment options. Now, I guess, all of you, can imagine the sheer delight, I obtain from this work, I do!

Now my fragile self, which is experiencing torment because of indulging in unethical work, witnessed a unique, havoc wrecking lie. I mean, damn! Holy fucking Jesus! The Holy ghost! and the divine Mother! Damn! How can people be so fucking untrue? I am baffled. Anyways here’s the lie :

India’s best companies to work for 2017: How American Express is reinventing work-life balance for its employees

Well, I do understand, I am a blog writer and the above article was featured on a daily news website, so, who to consider more authentic? An Author or a Daily News…

Well, that is for you to decide. And make sure you do. I often see people just brushing off their concerns, that’s very unhealthy. Deal with your questions. Well, I got a little more time before I start working on my next business graduate assignment, how about I help you. I love trying…..So,…. What we first need to understand is, this world, the world we live in, the world where data is more expensive than oil, the world in which your privacy is being invaded in the name of providing security; ransomware demands by someone in a cyber cell is the morning news and genocide live is for dinner, this world doesn’t work the way you think it does.

I regret the fact that Marx was ever born. An individual who was so dedicated to help the masses that he burnt in his own flame, till his death, hoping to help humanity. And look at humanity… We hate his sayings… We want a capitalist society whose only and only ethic is profit-making. Every corporation, however big or small, every entity, domestic or international, every institution, law or medicine… they all want to make profit. And they are so evil that they would trap you within intricate web of lies, in order to advance their personal motives for their personal gains.

I have nothing against American Express. It’s a fairly decent devil if compared to other evil devils. But the article you see is just a propaganda filled with fabricated lies. First of all, the writer – Prachi Verma(ET reporter), did not ever visit the premises or spoke with any of the employees. She was given this report, in a well drafted email by the organizational heads. It talks about weekly chair cardio sessions, which helps employees work better and medical assistance. It’s so ironical because half of the chairs inside the office are broken, not because of lack of infrastructure, oh no… Because of employees taking out their frustration on the furniture!!

There are no leaves. Employees with genuine health issues are forced to come to work on threats of counselling. The organization wants you to be involved 24/7 with work, hence countless whatsapp chat groups, on which sensitive, consumer and company related data is pumped, without any thought about the policies or the damage it might lead to. Even the directors indulge in such risky behaviour. It is definitely risky if sensitive, consumer, information is sent to more than 10K employees living in three different states.

 It talks about street theatre in order to stop sexual exploitation. Well, here’s what I have to say to that:

American Express India Campus – A Sexual Playground

Anyways, in mid of all this shit storm, well AMEX does pay well and it pays on the 25th itself. You do not have to wait till the 1st. How cool is that! Well, I guess today is 25th… I am gonna call my friends, they must have gotten rich today. Nice talking to you all…like always.

Have a great rainy day ahead. And do not engage in unprotected sex.


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