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Smoking kills!

Date – 26-07-2017   Date – 26-07-2017
 Dear diary,   men grabbed my arm and I realized
 Today was an eventful day for me.   I was surrounded within a mob. I kept
 Yesterday night, Karen tricked me into   my calm, while they broke two of my
 listening a horror story and then went   fingers. They were angry men. God give
 off to bed. I sat alone, scared, smoking.   them peace and serenity. They took tur-
 I did not have smokes left around 6am.   ns on breaking my jaw. I felt a pint of
 I waited patiently for the shop to open.   blood inside my mouth, I gulped it insi-
 In order to pass time, I made a poster.   -de. You should have seen the other guy.
  br poster2   Screenshot_20170726-202343 
 Then I got busy fixing technical glitches   I just had a broken jaw, few broken fing-
 in my blog. I forgot about smokes. At 11   ers and a torn black t-shirt. He had an
 I realized, I need smokes! I went down,   ugly face. His face was crying for help.
 got smokes. I lit one and before I could   Finally one of them said – “Take him to
 take a drag, I spotted an Iranian friend   the butcher!” I glanced at them, these
 of mine. She had enjoyed my book.   were poor tortured people who were
 As she passed by, few drunken men,   frustrated with the sufferings in this
 passed a remark – “These women have   world. They did not know what they
 butter like vagina” (Translated from Hi-   were doing. May god forgive them.
 ndi) She doesn’t understand Hindi. She   I thought if the butcher can give them
greeted me and went by.   redemption, let them have their peace.
I started to place my smokes within my   I said – ‘Okay, let’s go to the butcher!’
 lips but suddenly the eve-teaser came   I guess they got irritated by my calm
 in front of me and asked –   responses and let me go. I then called
“Why are you staring at me?”   the law. The law arrived after an hour.
 I answered politely that I wasn’t.   Law did not seem much interested in
 He pushed me but it was a gentle, funny   me but was more interested in my
 push. I did not budge and continued   studio and my work. Law took me for
 smoking, now, on his face. Then he pus-   a ride in the back of their school bus
 hed me again, this time with all his   and dropped me at their school. I
 strength. I didn’t budge but I got pissed.   waited for few hours while law thought.
 All I wanted this whole fucking morning   Then law suggested me to write a comp-
 was a bloody smoke! Is that so much to   laint. I wrote a complaint in Hindi.
 ask? I threw my smoke, I made a fist   It mostly indicated how much troubling
 and I hit him on his face, he stumbled,   is my neighbourhood and how much
 I hit again. He fell on the ground but he   I believe in the law to protect me and
 continued depicting signs of aggression.   my sisters always. Law then got a bit
 I bent down and hit him again on face   confused about who should address
and then again and again. I just wanted   my complaint. After another 30 mins,
 him motionless, I meant no harm. Till   law accepted my complaint. I came back
 the time he is not motionless, I couldn’t   I tried smoking but I could not open
 have reasoned with him and explained   my mouth because of my broken jaw.
 that it was not my fault that world aro-   I want to scream but there is no one to
 und him was falling apart but it was his.   scream at, so I decided to talk to you.
 Suddenly, someone hit me with an iron   You always listen. Cool, then no smokes
 rod on my head. The lights went out!   for me while my jaw heals and I am glad
 And suddenly, to my surprise, more   you don’t smoke. I want no trouble for U




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