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Project Mayhem: Assassinate Modi

Project Mayhem: Assassinate Modi

Subhash Chandra Bose said – You give me blood – I would help you get free!

Che Guevara said – Political assassinations are permissible when a leader is tyrant.

These were great men. These were First Men!

Brothers and sisters, I would proudly like to announce – I along with my 14 brave soldiers have established an organisation to fight for justice and freedom. We have support from 7 different foreign powers who believe in our vision. We call ourselves – First Men Corps.

Long time ago there used to be Vikings. Centuries ago there were brave men. Men who fought for their ideals. Men who died for their ideals. Now the society, the institutions and media have sedated men. The men we see roaming on the streets are asleep. They need tons of electricity to wake up. We would give the necessary jolt to these people.

India has just been awarded the title of the most corrupt, failed state. India is being torn apart by goons. The people who kill in the name of religion are the ruling class and they have already made the lives of the minorities – a living hell.

The leader of this ruling class uses national broadcasting tools for propaganda purposes; Mann Ka Radio.

The poor and the working class are being misguided and polarised against each other. The sole idea is to spread hatred for political and personal gains. Someone needs to put an end to this debauchery.

We were okay when Gadaffi received public justice. We have always been okay when a tyrant who deserves death is – killed.  A Public assassination would not only send a strong message to this government and its corporate backing forces but also to similar mindsets for centuries to come.

All we need is to get near this riot-king and a pen. A sharp blow with the right force on the neck would make him bleed to death, instantly. And we would be free!

Freedom doesn’t come cheap. Me and my soldiers might die! But for centuries to come billions around the world would remember the day when Project Mayhem ended tyranny and gave way to an era of peace.

A state of temporary unrest is needed for decades of permanent peace. Peace doesn’t come cheap.

Sir Modi, you are on our hitlist! And we are the working-class heroes. We are the First Men!

Issued in public interest by First Men Corps


This is a paid advertisement by First Men Corps.
BrokenRadio is not associated with First Men Corps.



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