A Happy Mothers Day To The ‘Other’ Kind Of Mother

Happy Mother’s Day Mom,

From your ugly looking, least favourite son…


I always wondered why they need a day for mothers,

Mothers are divine, all of humanity does succumb.

But I guess today I figured this shit,

What kind of mothers deserve this gig…


It’s for YOU Mom, It’s for YOU..

When I stole a penny at 8, I just wanted an ice-cream stick,

I think you could have just made me understand,

You didn’t have to practise JIHAD and burn me…


When I was raped at 10, You blamed it on me

It was my fault, I could have ran away… I understand…

But MOM you knew I had a broken knee…


You made me feel shitty ‘cause I was not a pretty child,

Your brothers didn’t shower me with love and were unkind.

I remember your older brother threw me on the floor..

Just ‘cause I had farted.. But I was 12..

Kids fart… I wasn’t 24.


When I started earning, It was never enough

Everyone wanted a house, a car and a lifestyle

What about me?

You didn’t even let me buy a book about Van Fucking Gough..

You hated my girlfriends… I didn’t complain,

You hurled abuses, you hurt them

But couldn’t you see , I was in PAIN


I filled your account with whatever little I could make,

And now That I needed a little help

I was shocked to see your take

I just took a plastic card

You got ill ‘cause you thought

Your son ran away with your life’s worth !


Now I can’t love any other woman,

‘Cause I loved you deeply…

Every woman I’ve been with,

Looked like you

Isn’t that something, even Freud dint see..


Anyway, I guess this is the end

I wish you luck and Oh yes!

Happy Mother’s day…


Happy Mother’s day Mom…

From your ugly looking, least favourite son.


2 thoughts on “A Happy Mothers Day To The ‘Other’ Kind Of Mother

  1. It could even be the other way round!!!
    I was not so lovely a child, with black and bland looks
    Born to a beautiful mother, hence probably not in her good books
    At five, I took five coins from her red purse
    She slapped me hard and sent a curse
    She explained it was a sin to steal
    I felt a sting that never did heal
    I grew up and got some awesome friends
    Who would give me dope and pleasure that never ends
    She churned her angry face and shooed them away
    I felt it would be better if she stayed away
    I got a girl friend as beautiful as her
    Did she grow jealous and hence never liked her?
    Though, with all her affection, she used to cook for her
    And when she went away my Mom would look for her
    One day I got infected and my GF walked away
    But this lady turned into a nurse and cared night and day
    I couldn’t yet decide whether my mother really loved me
    Whenever you get scolded don’t you feel unwanted and unworthy?
    And then this incident found me deeply in scars
    I took her plastic card and went to shoot the stars
    For three days no whereabouts, she had no information
    I never felt the necessity, I made no communication
    Can’t I replenish myself in solitude and chant some poetry?
    Why the hell should my family always know where I perch and party?
    I missed their frequent calls (knowingly) and imagined hitting them hard
    I got the news she had been unwell; I knew she missed not me, rather her card
    I had always filled her account with whatever I had earned
    Now that I needed few pennies, she had forgotten all I had done
    That was my D- day, the greatest lesson I learnt
    For her not me rather the plastic card meant
    Then I realised what a selfish creature she had been for life
    I felt orphaned and decided to break with her all my ties
    I abandoned her and home and built my own fairytale castle
    The success elevator came to pick me, I didn’t really have to wrestle
    And then one morn I woke up to disillusion
    I saw this dream that shook all my delusion
    My mother asked me to calculate how much she had handed over to me
    When I had stopped handing over to her even a single penny
    She asked me how many calls I had made to her during my mission to the moon
    She questioned if his neglect could have made her feel in his eyes a crazy loon
    She wanted to know how many times I had left unfinished the served plate
    She enquired if I ever saw her tears when all alone she wept and ate
    I knew what she would next come up with
    That she had fed me since childhood and cleaned all shit
    She had washed my wear to make it span and spick
    Did I pay back the care she had shown when I was sick?
    But she never shot forth any of these
    Though I had expected her to ask for her fees
    She just uttered: My dearest son, you needed to leave me, I won’t ever do
    You win the world, I would wait here and pray for you…
    Till I can survive with your parting comments…and memories of you…
    Till I can survive without you…

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