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Dear Customer,

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Happy Shopping Fucker!

Plastic Jesus

Good evening, dear Friend!

Today is the luckiest day of your lifetime…Today you would receive a gift, greater than mankind…This gift would change the way you see yourself…You would no longer feel any pain, any suffering…The gift would set you free…You would be able to buy goods, eg: cars, clothes, houses, boats; speedy one and the one which floats, motorbikes, super kites, sleepless nights, once again, you would feel sane and young ..You no longer would have grey hair,  you can visit expensive salons and get essential beauty treatments… Everyone in the dazzling malls would like your shine and you would come home and fuck your wife, while she finishes her wine.. the same wine which you would get because of the gift,

you are about to receive!

These are the little things, let me skip to the most appealing part…In times of dire stress, we cover your front and back, we would also make this gift earn you some reward points, which then combined by many other reward points, which you would earn after spending thousands of dollars, would then add up to $1 that would be donated to help the starving and the poor…..That gift my friend is here…

Open the box…It’s a gift from your trusted, friendly, banker….

Yikes, It’s fucking credit card…..Shit!


We the People demand Free the People

** The views expressed in this article are of an Individual. Government doesn’t endorse such views. They do not mind people being slaves. BrokenRadio does **

There’s blood in the streets, it’s up to my ankles
She came
Blood in the streets, it’s up to my knee
She came
Blood in the streets in the towns around
She came
Blood on the rise, it’s following me
Think about the break of day

She came and then she drove away
Sunlight in her hair 

                                                 –Peace Frog

Good Morning Planet

Rain does push the morning bio-alarm away. I always make sure to wake up early. Early bird catches the worm. In a filth-rich society, someone got to give up on grabbing desserts and take the pains to catch the worm. I don’t mind menial jobs. Work is worship. So, I catch worms.

Today morning I was interacting with a fan, (I personally prefer the term friend) who belongs from Kashmir. She had the pleasure of witnessing years of tyranny. I wish, I too was that lucky. Witnessing political and social tyranny, first-hand is an extremely enriching and soulful experience. She is blessed. God bless her soul. God bless her family. She was sharing her agony about her little brothers, who were badly hurt by a state backed oppressive force.

I guess all of us have agreed on my views, that a self-aware state/society/system which stems out and breeds on a principle of self-indulgence cannot work selflessly for the self-interest of the people. To elaborate –

  • Your Government is a failed state.
  • Your Society is a failed organization.
  • Your Beliefs are a failed system.
  • Your Armed Forces are failed assailants.
  • Your Media is a failed tube.
  • Your Soul is a failed institution.
  • You are a failed experiment.

My Radio, though it’s Broken, still airs.

Now in this failed mindset, we end up agreeing to failed concepts.

“Get a job. Go to work. Get married. Have children. Follow fashion. Act normal. Walk on the pavement. Watch TV. Obey the law. Save for your old age. Now repeat after me: I am free.”

We are in a state of constant surveillance. This surveillance is then used to create propaganda that is wrapped in religious content and then weaponized for brutality against humanity to fulfill Political agendas. The Prime goal of the campaign being:

“Seasoned Subjugation of Mind!”

This is the ultimate tag-line endorsed by your governments across the blue dot, floating in the space, in an infinite universe, brightly lit with lights and fairly rich with darkness.

We are in a state of encouraged vigilantism. This vigilantism is then used to induce terror propaganda which is wrapped in fear and then weaponized for mass slavery to fulfill corporate agendas. The Prime goal of the campaign being:

“Autonomous Subjugation of the Mind”

In an era, where consciousness should be floating around, we the people walk proudly, in a state of deep sleep which is pleasantly masked as waking dream that is perceived as reality due to flawed sense of reasoning.

But the people wake up. They always do. Today or tomorrow or in the centuries later to come, an awakening is inevitable. Today I woke up late but when I looked out the window, I saw an awakened mass. After a very long span of time, I witnessed rising.

Ayat from Kashmir demanded freedom and I would help her attain it.

We the people demand Free the people.

Freedom of Mind. Freedom of Soul. Freedom of thoughts. Freedom to choose goals.

And it’s so easy to be free. It’s just a two-step process.

  • We pick up a pen.
  • And we keep writing about the truth, just the truth, only the truth.

No one needs to get out of their homes. No one needs to flood the streets. No one needs to yell. No one needs to scream. Hell, you do not even need to talk.

Just Write! Write about the injustice you witness! Write about the brutality you experience! Write about the extents of exploitation you are subjugated to!

Write about the Truth!

We the people will flood the streets with letters addressed to the establishment. The drains would clog with molten pulp and would burn the unjust system. We the people would ignite a cleansing fire and burn this crippled disassociated oppressive system and  We the people then would Free the people.

A pen and a paper is the only medicine crafted for this epidemic!

The first revolution is the revolution of the mind wherein you agree to at least the concept of tolerance for a different point of view. A view which you have never been shown before. A view which every great or evil person agreed to.

Be it murderer Escobar or the benevolent Teresa.

Writing letters is the only real art of war!

To achieve a permanent state of peace, let’s give way to a temporary state of unrest.

Let’s get out of our cozy couch and get in the library. Let’s write slogans. No stones needed. No bullets required. Just a pen and a brave heart.

We the People demand Free the People.   


#wethepeople #demand #freethepeople @brokenradiocreatives

Have an Excellent Sunday. Happy Shopping.

Being A Woman In A Man’s World

A lot has been said about men & their power dynamics in the corporate world. Power is corrupting & it takes a man of great character & a higher moral threshold than most to not exploit people when you’re in a position to. But why do we obsess over the exploiter & forget to address the people on the receiving end? I know when it comes to sexual exploitation, men & women are almost equally at risk for becoming the object of some corporate psychopath’s unwanted affection but because I am a woman, I want to TALK TO THE WOMEN.


Let’s start with the word ‘compromise‘. I am not sure why is the seeking of & complying with demands for sexual favors termed as a compromise in most scenariosIs it the man who is lowering his standards of taste in women when he chooses to share himself with a woman suffering with such low self – esteem or is it the woman who is ‘compromising’ by letting herself get abused in this way by a man who thinks nothing more of her than a sexual conquest? I believe, in popular culture, the word is used to describe a corporate version of prostitution. That’s right woman. You’re not compromising, you’re prostituting. Think about it. A prostitute sleeps with men in an arrangement devoid of mutual respect & affection in exchange for money. She sleeps with the occasional politician or policeman for no charge but in exchange for survival & continuing to function in her line of business. And lastly, sometimes, she sleeps with the pimps so they help her raise in the ranks. Now do me a favor & replace the words prostitute with ‘female employee’ & the words depicting men in positions of power with ‘boss’. That’s you. It’s the ONLY difference. A twist of words. I hope this makes you realize the FACT that this is no compromise. Do not make the folly of letting yourself off that easy.


Now, let’s explore the reasons for this kind of a dehumanizing arrangement. The reasons for the exploitative asshole are simple. He is a man who obviously suffers from deep rooted self-esteem issues, is egoistic, a tad bit sadistic & feels that the only way he can make himself feel powerful is by rendering others powerless. What about you? Well, you suffer from low self – esteem too & lack confidence in your  capabilities & feel this is the only way you can rise the corporate ladder. Either that or you’re just plain lazy. You know it’s the easy way out. Some of you would say you have personal reasons for not wanting to leave the organization because you are very ‘majboor’ (destitute). ‘Majboor’ for what? Think. What’s the worst thing that you would probably have to do if you leave this job? Join another organization? Work from scratch in a new place? You can’t find another company that’s an equally good paymaster?

While I was working with Intelenet Global Services, one of my fist trysts with the corporate world, I did experience a situation like this first hand. The Operations Manager for the Healthcare process I was an associate in was notorious for his ‘deep interest in female employees’. He was a God in his own mind, at least that’s the feeling you got if you stole a glance across the busy operations floor over to the area divided by glass walls, the place where he seated himself, legs spread wide apart, a sly grin on his face. There was something about him that made your stomach churn. You do get awestruck with these people. I for one, was in awe of his sheer audacity. He had turned around a lot of careers thanks to his ‘feedback’ & ‘grooming sessions’. I was 22, fresh out of my first job, had heard a few corporate horror stories but never imagined something like this could be soon coming my way. My TL, walked up to me one day as I was busy chattering away to glory with one of my friends. I stashed away my bag of chips as we were not allowed to eat on the ops floor, but who cared about that! I only cared about the torturous monologue my TL would subject me to if caught. Usually, he would start his infamous monologue on floor hygiene as I would be wiping my hands but this time he had a grin on his face. A grin of amusement, almost. ‘A**r has called you. He wants to speak with you, just walk over to his bay”. I wasn’t sure what this was about. Did I process a claim incorrectly? Has he received a complaint? Have I screwed compliance? Why is my TL not talking to me about this? Why is he not accompanying me? I was very nervous as I approached the man I had previously only said ‘Hi’ to on occasion.

“You look nervous…relax, here, have a seat”

I parked myself in one of the chairs lying around his desk & thus began one of the most confusing conversations I had ever imagined to be a part of.

“Isha, I am not going to beat around the bush! I really like young talent & my vision for this process is to take it to another level altogether. I want to see everyone do well. Especially women under my wing. I feel women must be provided equal opportunities of growth as men are you with me on that?”

Who wouldn’t be? I nodded my head, grateful, that it’s not compliance, wanting very much to head back to my bag of chips.

“I see great potential in you in fact, I give your example in huddles because you come across as someone with great leadership potential”

Oh okay, I thought. Kept nodding. I also think very highly of myself, thank you.

“So what I have decided for you is, I am going to invest some time in you & groom you personally & believe me Isha, before you even realize what’s happening, you would be leading this team”

I had to intervene at this point to bring forth a crucial concern, “Sir I am not a graduate, I couldn’t complete my graduation for personal reasons but I am pursuing it, so I think that’s going to be a problem”


“Don’t be silly Isha! You think I can’t handle something as basic as this? It’s irrelevant. My only concern is , office hours are too busy. I can’t hamper business by pulling out people when they should be generating numbers, but at the same time, I do want to groom you, so tell me what can we do about this”

The ball was left in my court. “I can extend my shift for an hour sir, that’s not a problem”

Apparently, that’s not the answer he was looking for. “I am strictly against employees extending their working hours, I mean you have a family, you have a life too! Do you think we can meet outside of work at some point”

I thought about it, but it seemed too boring. I mean I was desperate for this to end right there, the mere thought of this conversation lingering on with this uninteresting man was too much for young me to bear. I thought about all the fun things I could do instead of spending time with him & said no.

“Sir I meet my parents every weekend, I make it a point to visit my family so that would not be possible”

He was quite for the longest two minutes of each of our lives.

Finally, he regained composure, “To build careers, you have to compromise your time. I have big dreams for you, but am disappointed to hear this lack of drive in your tone. Don’t you want to grow? Tell me, when are we meeting?”

“Sir, I will have to think about this, I mean I am really thankful to you for being so considerate however, I wasn’t prepared for this at all. I was under the impression that you are going to ask me to leave, TBH, because of something I did wrong from a processing perspective. Allow me some time please”

And so he did, with a deadline. My friend was shifting in her seat uncomfortably & my TL grinning stupidly when I waltzed back to my seat. “Glad that’s over” There’s always a ‘mummy friend’ in any team you’re a part of who wants to know about you’re day, you’re ups and downs and be there for you even if you don’t want it. But in this case I did, because I couldn’t wrap my head around why this chap was so interested in seeing me grow…“It’s not like he’s my dad” I joked.: Papa hi ban gaya tha yaar! Full on daddygiri! I want to see you grow ye hai vo hai kya hai bhai???

My mummy friend broke it down to me. And I was FURIOUS. “Aukaat dekhi hai apni?” Those were my first words. “He’s decided to play doll with the wrong person. Abhi HR main e-mail karti hun” Mummy friend asked me not to because he had not directly implied ANYTHING. We were assuming this conversation for what it was because we knew what kind of a man he is. There has never been a complaint against him in the past & he hasn’t said anything that can’t be twisted one way or the other. You will become the laughing stock or the troublemaker if you press it too much & will have to quit your job. So it was decided that I was going to ignore this guy completely. Not that I noticed him much or gave him much attention in the first place, but I was supposed to ignore his advances. He tried playing nice.He sent me a birthday wish which I ignored. And that pissed him off. By that time, it had been almost a month that he was trying to display how easy he could make my life at work by instructing my TL to give me special, unwarranted exceptions etc.Now, he wanted to demonstrate the opposite. When sweet dreams of a bright future weren’t working, he decided the threats of a nightmare would.

Suddenly I couldn’t be a minute late, I couldn’t extend my break by 5 minutes, I had to extend my shift even though I hate doing that, so on & so forth. So what, I thought, this is any day better than having to sleep with that clown. You have to weigh your choices & prioritize. Of course, this had to escalate because now his ego was bruised & his groin was bearing the brunt for it. Suddenly, I was summoned by my TL to tell me that there was a compliance issue in a claim I had processed. Now, I must admit, it was processed incorrectly. I mean, when you’re taking a hundred calls a day or processing hundreds of data file a day, just how difficult is it for somebody to pick out that bunch of calls that could potentially destroy your career in that company? Not very difficult. He did just that. I knew what this was. Now it was about survival & believe me, I was very ‘majboor’.

So what did I decide to do? Play right in his hands???

Remember I said, in a process where you’re taking a hundred calls a day, it’s not that difficult to find that ONE call that can destroy your career in that company? Isn’t that true if you turn the tables? I mean, I don’t know if you notice this, but your bosses DO NOT own the company. Your potential molester is probably a small pawn in the bigger game himself and just as vulnerable as you. A TL, Manager, Director is actually just a dog who wags his tail around the top honchos of the organization. And to them, business is very dear. And in a business where you’re managing 10 – 12 different teams comprising of 10 – 25 people each, how difficult is it to find that ONE malpractice, that can ruin HIS career in the company? How difficult is it to find that ONE person, who holds a grudge against him? Not very. That’s what I did. Cigna  was a team that was very dear to his heart. Because Cigna drove numbers & we all knew how. It took just ONE E-mail with evidence of screenshots backed by 5 other people testifying against him to shatter his ambitions of playing God. Suddenly, there were quality checks run on Cigna. Suddenly there were scrutiny sessions with the team. Suddenly, he had to resign.

Ladies, God helps those who help themselves. It wouldn’t be a cliche if it weren’t true.

Weigh your options & prioritize. And believe in yourself. You are worth more than a thousand male egos put together. Be a WOMAN in a man’s world.





American Express Cyber Hub – Fostering Excellence

Good Evening Planet

I was saving my energy this entire day because I wanted to talk about GST. It’s outrageous and it marks the beginning of an Economist Fascism in a country which is already plagued with Religious Fascism. The way Modi is selling the idea of a midnight session, comparing it to freedom, well, that’s just contrary to what is really going to happen. Nehru in 1947 said,

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awaken to life and freedom.”

I, in 2017 say, “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to witness death and captivity.” 

For those who know me and those who do not, I am an emotional writer. Yes, a writer needs to be rational and logical but if one is stating facts, then just facts matter. Emotions make all of us human. As much as I wish to talk about GST, I am going to hold myself back, few more hours, cause I am overwhelmed with some great emotions of appreciation. Till the time, I do not let these emotions out, I might not be able to write an impactful article about GST. So, here it is, my flood of emotions to drown you all.

I have experienced unbelievable reactions on my previous articles about American Express. My inbox is flooded both with appreciation and hatred. I like all sort of reactions. A positive reaction means, I left an impact. A negative reaction means, I left an everlasting impression. So I like both of them. I would strongly urge both my followers and haters to read an article, “Are you a Chimp?” before they start commenting or sharing any of my content. It saddens me deeply that people are twisting the facts I say, as per their own convenience and using it for their own personal corporate propaganda.

My articles about American Express do not talk about The American Express Company. The one which did was about financial and sales fraud (Financial Meltdown Nov 2017, An American Express dream!) and that did not mention any corporate sexual/emotional abuse. The ones which talk about abuse (American Express India Campus – A Sexual Playground, American Express India Campus – A Sexual Playground – II) are carefully titled – India Campus. I would never in my conscious say things which I did not experience or witness. I do not believe in hearsay and I do not gossip. Truth, Truth, Truth and Truth, that’s what I write about.


I spent 5 years working for American Express and I was in a heaven for at least 3 of it. The heaven is called “Cyber Hub”. Today I am going to talk about real leaders and exemplary conduct. A duo whom I admire immensely – Gaurav & Sue. Let me share a one liner for both of them, so that you guys have a little idea about their personality –

Gaurav – Hard Headed, No tolerance for bullshit.

Sue – Mother, Sister, Friend, Counselor and a Go Getter.

I guess this kind of sums up their great personalities in as few words as possible. Unfortunately I do not have the vocabulary to truly describe how amazing leaders were they. Someday once I become a better writer, I might be able to. But today I do not possess the required vocabulary.


Gaurav and Sue, together with their joint efforts not just saved a sinking Titanic but also took it for a spin around the world. A process which was taking it’s dying breath, whose pulse was 30-40, not only did these Corporate gods revive it but also turned it into a sprinting BOLT. In less than 12 months the pulse of that dead beat rose to 80-90 and remained static. It was a remarkable corporate achievement and the entire AMEX family was gaga. They groomed a fleet of corporate leaders who are still making waves througout MNC’s. Let me name a few – Lalit, Shruti, Deepika, Nivedita, Jayshree, Bipasha, Amit, and it would be midnight if I mention all the names.

I hate corporations because they rob you off your life. But working with Sue n Gaurav never felt like working in a corporation. It felt like being at home. They were not bosses. They were guardians. And we were their only children. Half of the time Sue was busy resolving people’s personal issues. She realized the importance of human connect. She knew people perform better when they are happy and feel looked after.

Gaurav always came across as a number driven guy and he might deny my claims that he loved us, like his own, but that’s just how he is. He won’t shower you with love but he would make you find love, in your work, by using as little words as possible. He was and is a man of few words.

And it’s not that everyday was Eid. We had our differences. We used to yell at each other all the time. Mostly the yelling was done by us. You remember those day when you think your parents hate you and love your siblings more. Well those were like a monthly activity but what was different in Cyber hub and missing in India Campus, was freedom. We never thought twice before speaking our minds. We were not judged but were heard.

What bosses everywhere lack is active listening. They just want to talk. They do not want to listen. Well, Gaurav and Sue were different. And once again, we all had our differences but we were still a family because they treated us in that manner. We were not corporate slaves.


I wish, I could write better so that I can repay their mortal debt of the time and efforts they put in grooming and mentoring me and shaping a headless chicken like me, in whatever little human, I have become. I guess someday I might. Today I would just say thank you Gaurav and love you SUE.

Stay tuned in for more about corporations, religion, politics, love and whatever my deluded head comes up with. And subscribe to my blog. It won’t hurt and It’s free. I would earn a few bucks from ads and the pen would have a little ink. A writer does need fancy pens. What else would be left in this world, if you let the ink dry…

Enjoy your evening and remember today midnight marks a beginning of a new era. An era of financial unrest, political autocracy and religious fascism. We the people can still unite and topple this government way, before 2019. I alone cannot. Are you with me?

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