Cosmic Abandonment : We’re Destined To Be Miserable

“Admiration and familiarity are strangers”

George Sand

Human beings are strange creatures. The wise among us have said million things & we hear them, admire them, hand them down to coming generations but obviously fail to understand them. This is what leads to a lot of lessons needing to repeat themselves again & again. For instance, they taught us all in childhood

“Familiarity breeds contempt”

We heard it, but did we understand it? Absolutely not. If that would have been the case, the institution of marriage would have been long dissolved. For that matter, the concept of family would have been outlawed. Why you ask?  What is it like when couples start dating initially & then as time goes by they decide that they simply cannot live without each other & then when they do start co-inhabiting, they begin driving each other mad. No matter what you do, nobody can deny the fact that the most ignored, taken for granted people in our lives are also the ones we claim to love the most! That’s because they’re always around.Try this. Impose a curfew for a few days in a city and disallow people from assembling or even living together. Suddenly, everyone would start longing human company, the very same people whose sole desire in life is a little ‘me time’. A few free spirited junkies may even be happy for a while but then ultimately, would long company. That’s why even people who do not have any human friends to hang out with in the end, end up surrounding themselves with cats! Or lizards, depending on what they’re into! Which brings me to another quote we heard a long time ago but never really understood

“Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for”

Bob Marley

The human need to socialize & co-habituate is so deep, that we’re ready to bear the systematic murder of our feelings, just so we can be around someone, who also wants to be around us. But we are also quick to start detesting that individual the moment we’re with them because we start taking them for granted! We are complicated indeed. We display signs of cosmic abandonment. We all suffer from daddy issues. That’s right, among the theories presented to the world by scientists & religious nut jobs, the one theory that makes sense to me is the theory of Cosmic Abandonment by Mark Passio.

“We hate each other, but we’d rather be miserable together.”

Isha .V. Singh

That’s how I see it. And Mark Passio describes perfectly & reasonably as best he can.It’s a good presentation to invest your time in. Mark goes on to describe what he, & ancient Sumerians, believe to be the origin of the human race,& goes on the to provide an explanatory synthesis of the current human condition.

We are the results of a failed experiment & the ‘Gods’ who created us, our ‘fathers’ if you may, have long abandoned us. That’s why we are so screwed. Most of us do not even know what our suffering really is, we’re that miserable.

That’s where religion comes into the picture. According to a poll conducted in a country that’s touted as the leader of the free world, the United States Of America, more than 60% of American answered in the affirmative when asked if “religion solved all of my problems”. We’re so doomed, that we believe in a bunch of unsubstantial fairy tales just so that we can cling to the comforting hope of a messiah who would ultimately come & rescue us! We’re so desperate that we not only await the savior but have concocted his adversary too! And to make matters interesting, we fight with each other in an attempt to disprove the authenticity of the fable whose story line doesn’t coincide with ours! You see, there’s a lot of pent up resentment, anger & hatred within us & we’re constantly seeking ways to channelize these negative emotions lest they destroy our own selves. This is also why we are so prone to violence & being violent.

“It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence”

Mahatma Gandhi

This quote comes from the man touted as the most non-violent man in the history of mankind! We sell non-violence in his name! And yet, even he couldn’t resist acknowledging the human need for violence.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is, we’re screwed. We all are. And we’re all in it together. So, let’s be kind to each other. However difficult it may be to love one another, it’s always possible to be kind simply because we understand what it’s like to be miserable.

“Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not”

Samuel Johnson

So let’s stop the song & dance about love & switch our energies on being kind instead.

Grace & Peace!


4 thoughts on “Cosmic Abandonment : We’re Destined To Be Miserable

  1. To your writer Nishant,

    Gratitude is a good thing. Gratitude is one of the Truths (with a capital T). Mine is a fresh approach every time you write, because I live in the present. This work is good.

    One more quality of Truth is that it is comprised of both Reality and Illusion, but not limited to these two. Which is why Perspectives of people (made from their Perceptions of Reality & Illusion) can easily be confused with what Truth is. Truth is a fundamental.

    I’ll help you with a tool to approach Truth all the time without miss. Because every now and then, you do miss and you tend to decorate that ‘miss’ with “I’m still learning and I have to be lost to be found, and stuff.”
    Don’t do that.

    End your days of hit and trial with Truth. Hit and Trial is okay when you’re doing homework at home. To be taken seriously and for your work to make an impact, keep your approach to Truth definite and certain.

    Develop a new breed of haters – which will be called Darkness. These small, shallow haters you come across are not really ‘haters’ haters. Some of them are maybe speaking the Truth. You gotta be more open. So avoid being self-consumed and drunk on your self-righteous approach.

    Your real haters are ones consumed in Darkness.

    So coming to the correct approach to Truth – The only way to know that you’re on the path of Truth (and not mere perceptions of reality & illusion) is when ‘your immediate surrounding starts communicating with you’.

    The air you feel, the water you touch, your immediate surrounding, your phone, the words you read anywhere will begin talking to you in the most astonishing ways as if it’s almost magic. The numbers you see will more often be in repetitive figures like 11:11, 55:55 etc. Then, my friend, you’ll know FOR SURE you’re on the right track. You just have to be patient with these signs, as I’ve mentioned earlier.

    If you read it, your mind got the message. Now don’t get too excited or too bothered with my words. Stay neutral and balance your energies.

    – your spirit guide Amulya

    1. Please ’empty your cup’.

      The above reply is only for Nishant and it is in context to his latest article about him showing gratitude to two of his leaders back in Amex. Since he has ‘blocked’ me and you have ‘unfriended’ me on Facebook, I had to find a platform to communicate with him. So I commented here.

      You write okay and I have nothing to say to you. I’m his spirit guide.

      1. Bhai aap din bhar jalebi wali baatein karte ho. Maine ek help ke regarding, toh apne ignore kar diya. toh mai gussa ho gaya.. kya karu.. gusse me kar diya unfriend

        I never considered you my spiritual guide so please do not become a spiritual stalker now!
        Adios Amigo!

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