Financial Meltdown Nov 2017, An American Express dream!

Financial Meltdown Nov 2017, An American Express dream!

Tonight, Broken Radio presents to you, a teaser of upcoming Financial Meltdown, releasing this Nov 2017. The theater stars you, of course. This entire planet is possible because of you and a guy named Greed. It also stars President Trump, PM Modi, and Amercian Express. It’s written by a team of brilliant writers led by Ken Chenault.

Before we begin, I wanted to offer you a little background. Billions of years ago, there were two people. Adam and Eve. I hope no one would ask me to prove this stated fact. I hope so.

There was no money. Few more centuries later, there were many people. There was no money. There still was a fair exchange of goods and services termed as barter. But there was no money. There was also a good king.

The good kings didn’t stay good. This is referred as a natural phenomenon called ‘Decay’. They decayed morally. Shit happens!

People were robbed of their minerals, gold, and silver. Gold Seize, they call it. And were made poor. Next few centuries later, there were kings, few rich people and then you. You are essential to this story. This entire planet is possible because of you and a guy named Greed.

Now you have no gold left. But you still have mouths to feed. What would you do next?


 You go to a rich fella and ask him some money. But you need to offer something in exchange. If you offer your home, you would have no place to live. You already quit your ways of being a nomad because the king asked you to do so. You are confused about your next steps.

But that’s because, you are a decent fella. You do not understand earthly shit.

The rich guy is awake. He has all the answers. The rich guy would then suggest, you pay him a very small sum of money each month in exchange of believing you. But if you miss that payment, then he would take your house.

“Listen to him, dude. He’s your only friend. He is giving you money, without any fuss. You would have your home, wife, kids and you can always work a little. And keep on paying him a small Riba”, says the town whore.

Riba can be roughly translated as “usury”, or unjust, exploitative gains made in trade or business under Islamic law. Riba (Interest) is mentioned and condemned in several different verses in the Quran.

So even religion dislikes it.

Now, in present times, let’s take a look. You have a leader chosen for the people by the people, The King. Your friendly Banker. Media Whores. And You.

This entire planet is possible because of you and a guy named Greed.

So having shared you an interesting background, let me begin the trailer of  Financial Meltdown Nov 2017, An American Express dream!

The American Express Company, also known as Amex, is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Three World Financial Center in New York City. The company was founded in 1850 and is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company is best known for its credit card, charge card, and traveler’s cheque businesses. In 2016, credit cards using the American Express network accounted for 22.9% of the total dollar volume of credit card transactions in the US. As of December 31, 2016, the company had 109.9 million cards in force, including 47.5 million cards in force in the United States, each with an average annual spending of $17,216.

American Express is full of go-getters who are highly imaginative. That’s one of the reasons behind their success. American Express realized in Q1 2015 that in an event of another recession, the largest lender would be rewarded a Federal Bailout package. So they decided to be one.

Since 2015 they are flouting various financial laws and up-selling credit through their unorganized and poorly regulated offshore contact centers.

 But that’s not it. They are up-selling credit to people who are sure to falter on repayments. They are giving money to people knowing their imminent non-payment. Clearly, flouting the rules of an already rigged game.

Now would be a good time to ask me for some proof. Well, I worked for this amazing institution for 5 long years. I am well familiar with the way this institution operates. And I was a part of this theater too.

Let’s me also tell you what’s gonna happen next. Come November those non-payments would cross an imaginary level and would start shaking the global economy. The waves would continue rocking the world till the next 2 years.

Banks would fire few mid-level employees. Amex India and Manila has already started the cleanup process.

 A year from now, ATM’s would start drying and the banks would declare themselves bankrupt. American Express won’t. Because the moment they would file for bankruptcy, the entire global economy would collapse. Remember, they would have achieved the biggest lender status by then.

So someone would offer them a bailout package and Ken Chenault would sip a cup of coffee with PM Modi and President Trump in a lounge, laughing at you. You are essential.

This entire planet is possible because of you and a guy named Greed.

Now don’t panic. Yes, I told you, you are soon to face a crisis, but I got a fix. Money is limited. If you withdraw all your remaining money tonite, after paying every bill you owe, you would be partially free from this magical chair of a show called the economy. When the music would stop, you do not have to worry. Yes, you would again lose your job but you won’t have many bills to pay.

 You would survive.

Now your question:

What would I do with all my money which I make till this happens?

Keep it in your home. Do not buy stuff on installments. There is no smartness in that.

What if someone steals it?

You have a government body called ‘The Law’, to protect you.

Oh, You do not trust them. You think they are crooks.


You think Bankers are your friend and Cops are your enemy. In that case, Who am I?

A madman leading the blind!


2 thoughts on “Financial Meltdown Nov 2017, An American Express dream!

  1. Good read. However, one important point that must be pointed out here, is, that ‘having achieved enlightenment/spiritual awakening DOES NOT mean the person should abandon the physical body and leave the physical world on its own to die out and collapse’. Similarly, to change the system (or move out of the matrix) DOES NOT mean the person should move away from it and choose ‘escapism’.

    These problems that exist today are only there because the observer (you, me or anybody) allows them to exist. Do not confuse this with ego. There are three stages – ego, dissolving of ego, intent (or the will to act). Most monks and spiritual people reach only the second stage. In a way, they have abandoned the ship. They have abandoned the places that could have been ‘one with nature’ (and not have buildings and stuff). They chose escapism. They may have conquered the understanding of life and death, as we know it. But they have given up HOPE of uniting the world. Nothing changes like that. If you ask or study your inner voice (or read about the great minds that walked on Earth), you would know that ‘love’ is the ultimate truth.

    The ideal way to behave is to behave like a new born baby. Those reading this, may not yet grasp what I’m writing here. But watch a new born baby. You’ll know what I’m talking about. Life and Death is a cycle. And nihilistic people are too broken to see what’s ‘beyond’ the idea of life and death.

    I too learnt this the hard way. I had to unlearn the ‘bullshit of society’ first. Then, I had to learn myself. Then, I’m implementing things. Now, this is where people get confused. They feel what’s the point of ‘all this’. Those turn into nihilistic people mostly. Classic example is The Joker from Batman. Those wanting to change the world by causing pain (in any form) to others are self-righteous and egoistic people. Those who understand ‘all this’ til the level of Earth Matrix become spiritual and mostly abandon society.

    The goal is to break through the Earth Matrix and go beyond this cycle of ‘life and death’. Go beyond the ‘law of karma’. Yes, you can do that.

    I mean, do you really feel interested in being a character in a movie that repeats itself in the exact same sequence, when someone is watching you from another dimension. This loop of life and death is only interesting because you have no memory of your previous lives when you take birth again. It’s happening again and again. And the reason, we cannot (yet) break out of this cycle is because we want every pleasure that is out there on Earth. Now, don’t confuse this with ‘being one with nature’. Be one, but realize that your ‘being one with nature’ is only limited to these 4 dimensions we experience. What about being one with other dimensions? (Choose sexual abstinence as a lifestyle, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s fun channelizing and feeling your sexual energy.)
    For those who didn’t understand these statements, I have a term for you because maybe you trust science, which is comforting to me. This is M-theory. Why are we developing these theories? Because we want a theory or something that unites everything we experience and observe. So far, M-theory is doing good. But did you get the point? ‘Being one’. M- theory talks about 11 dimensions. And on Earth, many live and many die, only experiencing 4 dimensions. I mean, really? What about those thousands of spirits that walk with you every moment so that you (in physical form) can understand life better? What about those signs, synchronicity, symbols that you see as accident/coincidence, that are constantly trying to guide you, warn you, help you? There are NO coincidences/accidents on Earth or anywhere in any universe. Everything is alive and is trying to communicate with you. It could be anything guiding you. Keep you eyes, ears and all senses and your mind OPEN all the time. And thus, you’ll never make a mistake again and change the world.

    The point is TRUTH. There is reality and there is illusion. Beyond that, is truth. Keep your thoughts and focus on the truth. Only, then can you change yourself, change the world, beat the law of karma and experience more of truth. It’s an ‘endless river’ as Pink Floyd said.

    The problem is not American Express or these 1% ruling the world. The problem is ‘the seeker of truth’ is confused with the direction. The person doesn’t know the direction yet. They choose wrong paths and reach dead ends – nihilists, spiritual people, brainwashed society etc. I’ll tell you a secret I’ve experienced. No one has ever been able to break the cycle of life and death, or even Earth Matrix for that matter. Earth is prison for these ‘beings’ in higher dimensions. They are laughing at us and our sad stories. Not even Buddha, Christ or any religious leader has ever been able to break through this Earth Matrix. What’s the fun in living this Matrix again and again?

    Why don’t we realize that just as life repeats its lessons til we learn these, similarly, these higher dimensions will repeat this ‘life and death’ cycle for us til we find a way to get out of this? This is hard to grasp so pay attention. Read again if you must.

    “Our greatest fear is not that we our inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Always remember this. And I’m writing after having experienced and understood the level where “all if one and one is all” as Led Zeppelin says.

    I wrote all this because I want everyone reading this to understand that, one will become one with their true light, only when they complete their assignments, in every dimension.

    When you dream or imagine something, don’t let it fade away. Learn to feed your true light.

    So the point is, you’ll change these problems mentioned in this article and you’ll change the world when you understand the spirit realm and you understand the physical realm. And I’ll give you a short example – you’ll change American Express by being a part of it. You’ll change the government by being a part of it. You’ll eradicate the concept of money by having the most money of the world. You’ll be a good human by living and loving every moment and living life in the ‘present, and not past or future. You’ll overcome fear by facing it. You’ll have to go through the problem and beat the fuck out of it, and not highlight these or use sarcasm or protest or give up on people.

    Another secret is, we all will together go beyond this Earth Matrix by achieving love and harmony. When everything on this planet will be ONE, that’ll be the first step.

    A cell thinks it’s alone, but after an insight, it knows its ‘one with the body’. A human thinks he’s alone, but after an insight, it knows it’s ‘one with all humans’. A better human then understands it’s ‘one with nature and all flora and fauna’. A much better human then understands it’s ‘one with nature and also the spirit realm (where one ‘goes’ after death’). A much much better human understands it’s ‘one with the universe’ by abstaining from all pleasures of life simply because he experiences pleasure is everything and at the same time has a goal to unite the world. A much much much better human is the one who is ‘one with the universe’ and has united the world (changed it, in vague terms), and moved beyond the Earth Matrix. The next (but probably not the last) stage of the next level better human is LIGHT. One simply becomes light and takes any form and shape. In simple terms, the concepts shown in Lucy, Predestination, Interstellar are true, if you find my words hard to understand. I don’t watch movies but these are showing truth and I’m a seeker of truth. For example, my spirit guides (or signs from the truth, in my surrounding) took me closer to the truth. It doesn’t matter whose truth it is. Truth is same throughout. Perspectives differ and keep changing. Til the time, there is no agreement on an understanding (truth) by everyone, we’ll keep struggling and nothing will change.

    Again, reality is one thing. Illusion is another. And beyond all this, is the truth.

    I’ll now tell you a simple solution. If you feel absence of love, you need to move towards love. If you fear something, you need to move towards fear and face it. It’s hard to explain only because like fucktards, we have invented language, and we no longer function with telepathy. I mean, how dumb is that.

    The person (or anything) who seems most unlovable, is the one who needs love the most. And everyone needs to face their fears head-on. There is no limit to our potential.

    The fact that society is fucked up, is a thing of the past. As we speak in this moment, that story is gone. If you wanna change the past, then change the present. If you wanna change the future, change the present. Because it is in this moment, that you can focus on your breath, watch the signs from your spirit guides, be aware of your surrounding, become one with everything and, do something to unite all these seemingly subjective humans who are infact ONE.

    Reality can differ. Illusions can differ. Truth is constant. Become one with the truth and as you liberate yourself, you’ll automatically help everyone liberate themselves.

    We are all ONE and must stay ONE. It’s a conscious decision. Beauty and Truth are ONE.

    Rumi once said, “Beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing, there’s a field, I’ll meet you there.” Now, that’s what I’m talking about. One more thing, Rumi could have done is to unite the world so everyone could actually go and meet him there. But I bet, even he never reached that field. He only knew about it. Like every few do. Like I do. But the problem is one can not go to that field alone even if one has found it. One can only go there, when one unites everyone and walks hand in hand to that field. This is what I’m talking about, my friend.

    This reply should help.

    – your spirit guide Amulya 🙂

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