HAR HAR MAHADEV – ‘Everyone is Lord Shiva’

OM Namah Shivaya – I bow to Shiva

In contemporary culture, Shiva is depicted in films, books, tattoos and art. He has been referred to as “the god of cool things” and a “bonafide rock hero”. Popular films include the Gujarati language movie Har Har Mahadev and well-known books include Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy, which has sold over a million copies. On television, Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev, a mythological drama about Shiva on the Life OK channel was among the most watched shows at its peak popularity. Shiva is also a character in the Xbox game Dark Souls, with the name Shiva of the East.


We Meditate on the Three-eyed reality
Which permeates and nourishes all like a fragrance.
May we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality,
Even as the cucumber is severed from bondage to the creeper.

Parvati is the wife of the Hindu god Shiva – the protector, the destroyer and regenerator of universe and all life. She is the daughter of the mountain king Himavan and queen Mena. Parvati is the mother of Hindu deities Ganesha and Kartikeya. Some communities also believe her to be the sister of the god Vishnu and the river-goddess Ganga.

According to different versions of her myths, the maiden Parvati resolves to marry Shiva. Her parents learn of her desire, discourage her, but she pursues what she wants. Indra sends the god Kama – the Hindu god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection, to awake Shiva from meditation. Kama reaches Shiva and shoots an arrow of desire. Shiva opens his third eye in his forehead and burns the cupid Kama to ashes. Parvati does not lose her hope or her resolve to win over Shiva. She begins to live in mountains like Shiva, engage in the same activities as Shiva, one of asceticism, yogin and tapas. This draws the attention of Shiva and awakens his interest. He meets her in disguised form, tries to discourage her, telling her Shiva’s weaknesses and personality problems. Parvati refuses to listen and insists in her resolve. Shiva finally accepts her and they get married. Shiva dedicates the following hymn in Parvati’s honor,

I am the sea and you the wave,
You are Prakṛti, and I Purusha.
– Translated by Stella Kramrisch

After the marriage, Parvati moves to Mount Kailash, the residence of Shiva. To them are born Kartikeya , and Ganesha – the god of wisdom that prevents problems and removes obstacles.

I Bow to Bhavani as well as to Lord Shiva who is white as camphor, who is compassion incarnate, who is the essence of the world, who wears a garland of a large snake and who always dwells in the lotus like hearts of his devotees.

Shiva is considered the Great Yogi who is totally absorbed in himself – the transcendental reality. He is the Lord of Yogis, and the teacher of Yoga to sages. As Shiva Dakshinamurthi, states Stella Kramrisch, he is the supreme guru who “teaches in silence the oneness of one’s innermost self (atman) with the ultimate reality (brahman).

I bow to the supreme Lord who is the formless source of “OM” The Self of All, transcending all conditions and states. Beyond speech, He understands the sense perception. Awe-full, but gracious, the ruler of Kailash, Devourer of Death, the immortal abode of all virtues.

Har Har MahaDev 

‘Everyone is Lord Shiva’



1 thought on “HAR HAR MAHADEV – ‘Everyone is Lord Shiva’

  1. This is a big misconception. Not everyone is Shiva. Though everyone has the potential to be Shiva.

    Most stoners are fake stoners. And just like Hitler misinterpreted Nietzsche’s work of Ubermensch, these stoners are highly mistaken.

    ‘Hara hara mahadev’ actually means ‘take away, take away, Lord Shiva’. ‘Hara’ is different from ‘Har’.
    ‘Hara’ means to take away or to destroy all the negative thoughts, emotions and everything sinful.

    To understand this, one must understand the concept of Shiva. And to break the stoner-weed-shiva connection, Shiva is beyond good and evil. Shiva is beyond enlightenment. An enlightened person doesn’t change what’s good or what’s evil. He/she simply chooses the intent and lives in harmony with the immediate surrounding. But Shiva is beyond that – Shiva will destroy the sins that bind everyone to Earthly pleasures. Negative things are supposed to be latent inside us, just like positive things – because both Yin and Yang exist in everything and everyone. But one must strive for beyond that, like Shiva. That’s the whole idea.

    If I was a mere observer to things, I wouldn’t have bothered to write this. But I’m the destroyer, my friend. Everyone should be a destroyer, and not feed their darkness under a misconception. But I’m sure you’ll experience this eventually, what I’m referring to.

    – your spirit guide Amulya

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