Reclaiming The Great Outdoors

There is abundant scientific data that provides powerful evidence of the importance of nature for our health. It is an established fact, that time spent in the Great Outdoors reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases our sense of well-being.

Before urban amenities and entertainment devices came into being, destroying our well-being , distracting us from what we have & making us run after things we don’t need, soaking up the sun, enjoying showers of rain, taking a walk outside in fresh air was entertainment for the soul. It was therapeutic for both mind and body.

Unfortunately, The modern ‘great outdoors’, are confined to malls, shopping complexes and a myriad other soul sucking temples of consumerism.

While shopping and watching movies may distract some people from trivial let downs, the relief these activities provide is momentary and superficial. In fact, most modern devices have, time and again, been linked to diseases like cancer at the very worst and sleep disturbances, anxiety or depression at the very least.

Excessive urbanisation, the constant need to ‘upgrade’ and blatant, unhealthy levels of consumerism have distanced us from nature and are a serious threat to our health. It’s no wonder that people nowadays are so stressed out, depressed and in constant ‘need’ of something they can’t quite put a finger on.

Add to this the adulterated food we put into ourselves and what we get is a breeding ground for disease and misery.

So, what’s the alternative?

The only alternative, is to go back to our roots in nature. Children must be encouraged early on, to spend time outdoors, instead of being handed gaming consoles and mobile phones. We must grow our own food and open channels of discourse with the government to accept the fact that food isn’t a manufactured commodity for trade. It’s a necessity for sustaining life and found abundantly in nature to be tapped and consumed..

We must get vegetation out of the trade cycle and switch to barter system at least with food. This can be done locally, by bringing together self supported communities. Thinking on the lines of planting vegetables in your garden instead of growing a lawn could be a good start !

We must encourage schools to teach gardening to kids. If children can have extra curricular courses like swimming, horse riding, dancing, knitting etc, then why not gardening and vegetation?

Not only will such an engagement with nature be healing , it will also ensure that our future generations are guided gently back to the right path.

Let us take the future in our hands by choosing the right path, right now.

10 thoughts on “Reclaiming The Great Outdoors

  1. It’s really wonderful to find someone who promotes the greatest remedy for all our troubles. Any one who has sat by the shore listening to the waves crash, or watched the sun disappear behind a snow caped mountain. Or smelt the earth after a shower of rain. Knows what it feels like to experience the comfort of mother nature. In our rush to eek out a living and make ends meet. We lose sight of the simple pleasures life offers us, free of charge. This summer take a pledge to go back to nature. Live and enjoy the simple things in life. You will come back rejuvenated.

  2. It’s a wonderful idea of outdoors .
    It’s not only good for children and young people but also for elderly persons like us.Its a great entertainer a healthy option and it also boosts your confidence .
    Let’s hope people will wake up and follow this great idea.

  3. Great thought. Very well written and touching. We do need to empower our next generations on this more and more. Parents must keep away smartphones miles away from kids, rather encourage to play outdoors.

  4. You are so interesting! I don’t suppose I’ve read a single thing like that before. So nice to find somebody with genuine thoughts on this issue. Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This site is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

  5. You are so cool! I do not believe I have read through a single thing like that before. So wonderful to find somebody with some original thoughts on this issue. Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This web site is something that is needed on the web, someone with some originality!

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