We all fancy them, don’t we? And the reason is the larger than life image projected of them.

I fancy them too…. Ever since I was a kid and heard ,…

“It’s a Long Way to the Top.. If You wanna’ Rock & Roll !!”

All I wanted was to be around them.

Now trust me, I am a certified delusional but I aren’t stupid. All this while I never hoped to be a Rockstar because I knew I was too ‘not quite there’ to be so true to myself.

Throughout our lives we tell ourselves a story. A Rockstar doesn’t. He lives it. I knew I wasn’t ready to be so true. I wanted to live someone’s else’s life. The life they sell on television. The life they sell on Instagram. The happy life with a penthouse, a few cars. A wife. Kids. A dog. You know, the whole package. People who are true to themselves don’t make money and society wants you to. You need to make money or else you cannot play the most important role in this corporate billboard endorsement of a world. A CONSUMER !!! I wanted the same. Buy ‘em ALL. Everything I see.

So I wanted to make money and being a ROCKSTAR , as glamorous as it seems, would fuck you up. You can’t chase money and be a Rock & Roller. I had understood that greatness is the goal but the road to greatness is filled with hunger, starvation, pain, humiliation and probably death. Now, death wasn’t a concern for me as I figured out early in life that, ‘Everyone dies’. Chuck simplified this understanding further. He said, ‘It’s your life and it’s ending one minute at a time’.

That was the final nail in my coffin.

I realized that things needed to be kicked in the groin and I need money. Today, while typing this , I so laugh at that guy who wanted to buy an I-phone and would work 16 hrs each day in a corporation, inhaling the toxic fumes of his dreams burning to extinction. For the sole purpose of buying shit he didn’t need. You ask Why? You know it. They tell you too. Even your government would tell you to buy a house. They would aid also. They would help you borrow money from their controlled financial institutions. It’s a successful marketing strategy. Selling you the idea of happiness and security when you cannot even control the next hour. You are told you need to buy shit and you would control your life. But it’s the biggest con ever created by humankind. The only truth about billboards, the only truth about posters, the only truth about shout outs, the only truth about marketing is…

 ‘It’s all a Fuckin’ Lie’.

One day while I was trying to access my conscience in a baked state, I realized something that saved me. It can save you too. We do not fancy Rockstars because they are cool, or fearless, or charismatic… We do it because they are Survivors. They conquer every battle that society hurls them into and never give up. As I take you on a journey through the lives of these legends, you would witness what they did. When things become unbearable, they didn’t bow down like cowards.

They unplugged

My Rockstar Page is a tribute to all those ROCKSTARS who won every battle, conquered the hearts of all and then left behind a legacy of ideas and the only sound that matters in the universe. MUSIC.

This page is a SALUTE to Cobain, Morrison, Moody, Draper, Iggy, Lou and many more… The list is ongoing.

What I realized is Rock is not just a genre of music. Rock should not make you think of Drugs, A Hot guy/girl or even just music. Rock is a Lifestyle. A life-style of not giving a FUCK about anything but your dreams. Rock is not about playing a guitar, drums or a saxophone. It’s about breaking the shackles of society and yelling – “I ain’t crazy. You are”. Rock is about not caring what the society throws at you and waking up the very next day and again yelling – “I ain’t crazy. You are”.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog – Cobain – The Teen Spirit..

Rock is not Music. It’s a Lifestyle. Rock will never die. You would.

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