Stop Pretending : Admit That You’re Goat-Boy

I am extremely fond of Goat-boy. Goat-boy is a dear friend of mine. I like his honest and simple approach towards life. I know and totally agree that his name sounds peculiar and funny. Names are one of the first pieces of information we come across when we encounter someone new and at the same time, the most deceptive and often times misleading. I mean, what would they have named you if they knew you before they named you? But that’s not the case with Goat-Boy. He is named thoughtfully. He is a basic person. He wears no mask. He is poor, hungry, sex deprived and abnormal. Goat-boy is not ‘normal’ like you.
Currently I am in the mountains with no cellular or internet reception. Please don’t feel sorry for me that I cannot access porn. The reason I mentioned this is if I had access to internet, I sure would like to Google normal. Whatever it says add not to it and what is in front of you quietly sums up Goat-boy. You are normal. You wake up. Most of you pray. You use that anti aging, whitening, deep cleaning face wash you bought after seeing repeated video commercials insinuating that it’s easier to get laid if the said product is used.
You also use moisturizers, foot lotion, deodorants, extremely pricey clothes and other   products advertised by popular culture, each insinuating you may get sex easier. Goat-boy is the exact opposite of this. He doesn’t use any of these. He’s poor. He wants to get filthy rich. He’s hungry. He wants to eat till he chokes. He never got laid. He wishes to f*** someone till they pass out.
Then your whole day, you slave yourself in the name of a job which you hate dearly. The reason you do so is in order to own currency bills so that you can buy the said advertised products, which trust me, ideally, you have no use of. Goat-boy is jobless. Unless you count travelling. He doesn’t slave himself. He spends his entire day and night looking for gold, food and pussy, not necessarily in the same order.
But now I’m a bit confused. You also want the same things that Goat-boy does. I do not even need to prove I’m right. Deep down , you all know. Behind your normal masks, you all are the same filthy animals,
Craving for basic primal desires, Goat-boy is no different. It’s just that he wears no mask. Goat-boy is honest. Honesty isn’t such a good policy after all. What say?

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  1. Goat ☁😘😘☁😘😘☁

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