Dark Times

Dark ages wasn’t so bad after all

They used to hunt beautiful witches

Brave men were crucified

Kids were burnt alive

Pagans killed the one who believed

Vikings were made to praise Christ

Women were whored against their will

Elders were beaten, Poor were frowned

They all had a void inside

They fought brutally before their kings died

No amount of women

No weight of gold

Ever quenched a barren soul

Those unknown to own truth

Jostle around with nothing to find 


Now they have government, television, religion

Military, police, a society with class division

Robbery, rape, infanticide, murder, terrorism

Assailants, gurus, a society with lame vision

Dark ages wasn’t so bad after all

Times were changing

Now nothing is static

Everything is falling apart

It’s appalling



The question is perplexing…the answer is shocking.
When we purchase gadgets like Ipads, note2’s or any other such phones or devices …do we stop to wonder WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE? Is it the technology alone that causes the price to jack off the roof tops? What are they made of?
Where does the raw material come from?
The answer lies in the blood mineral conflict…
Blood minerals refer to minerals mined in rebel-held territory or war zones and sold to finance an insurgency, invading army’s war efforts or warlord’s activity. Since 1998, four minerals mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have been financing insurgency and wars that have thus far claimed over 5.4 million lives.!!!
The four minerals are Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten (the 3Ts) and Gold.
The electronics industry is the major end-user of these metals. They are used in mobile phones, laptops, iPods, game counsels and a wide range of other electronic equipment. World prices for each of these metals have been rising over the last few years, giving armed groups in eastern Congo all the more incentive to target or keep hold of the mines.
What is the link between the minerals and rape?
Running a rebel group is a costly business. In DRC, armed groups rely on Congo’s easily appropriable and highly valuable natural resources to finance their insurgencies, which the rich world has a capacious appetite for. Hence, mines or mineral trade routes (where they can extort money from miners) are key targets for the armed groups. Rape is cheaper and much more effective than guns or bullets. If armed groups were to raid a village and force the population to leave by shooting at them, NGOs could be alerted and the UN would have to react. However if they lay siege to or raid a village and then rape as many as they can, regardless of how loud the women scream or cry, its less likely that NGOs could hear them and therefore less likely that the UN would intervene.!

Watch this unwatchable video to get a glimpse of life in Congo, except imagine your own family for a second as that’s what the director has attempted to do.

Would you still flaunt your gizmos proudly???


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