Thanks Goddess Kim!

I was lonely

I desperately wanted someone

I was horny

I desperately wanted someone


I prayed & prayed & prayed

Goddess Kim appeared

& said

“Why so sad?

go, have fun.”


I told her, I am lonely

I’ve got no one

Goddess Kim said, “I am the selfie Queen,

I would bring filters to your life,

red, blue & green!”


She shared her worldly wisdom

And now I am a celebrity

See what I have become!


The Goddess said,

“People of the world are stupid,

Because dead is poor little cupid

Now, love is found online

No need for flowers, dinner or wine


Send ‘Friend Requests’ to everyone

10% would accept, let go of the rest

Like & Like & Like

every one’s posts

Leave comments for them

not real ones, but ‘those’


The more you like

the more they see you

the more you comment

their narcissism would torment


In a state of vain, they ideally should complain

But that’s where the virtual genie comes

They won’t so much as twitch or get the scam

They would LOL, LMAO, TTYL instead

& become your fan.


‘Cause people are obsessed with ‘image’

& you know no shame

Thanks Goddess Kim for this wisdom

I shall not let down your name!








2 thoughts on “Thanks Goddess Kim!

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